Catalan Institute of Oncology

The Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) (Barcelona, Spain) is a public non-profit institution that provides a comprehensive approach to cancer, delivers prevention and thoughtful patient care, offers healthcare specialization training (as a university hospital) and generates cutting-edge multidisciplinary research (epidemiological, clinical and translational). ICO carries out research in all aspects of cancer. The Cancer Epidemiology Research Program (CERP), the ICO department where the project activities will take place, is devoted to research on the causes, epidemiology, early diagnosis and prevention of cancer, and particularly on those related to HPV. The group works closely with national and international research networks, interacting and maintaining a privileged collaboration with high standing institutions and with most of the international public health groups that work in the prevention of HPV-related cancers. On the dissemination and communication side, CERP is leading and coordinating four main initiatives/platforms that will be purposely used on this project (work package 7).

Dr. X. Bosch

Dr. Bosch is the director of e-Oncologia, scientific and project coordinator of HPV World and Honorary Consultant of the CERP (former CERP Director from 1994 to 2015). Dr. Bosch is an internationally acknowledged expert on HPV research. He has strong collaborations with the leading HPV immunisation research groups, as well as direct engagement with policy makers and implementers. Dr. Bosch is an external scientific advisor of the Health Department (Catalonia) and of the Ministry of Health (Spain). He acted as the official medical expert to report to the FDA and EMEA commissions for the evaluation of Cervarix and to the FDA for the evaluation of Hybrid Capture technologies.


Dr. L. Bruni

Dr. Bruni is chief of the Unit of Infections and Cancer –Information and Interventions (UNIC-I&I) at CERP and over the last 10 years she has coordinated the ICO/IARC Information Centre on HPV and Cancer. During her professional career she has successfully interacted with many international groups specialized in public health and cancer epidemiology as well as participated in several international consortiums.


Dr. A. Company

Dr. Company, medical oncologist, is the coordinator of e-Oncologia leading several international educational programs in Europe, Latin-America and Africa for health professionals. Additionally, she has over eight years’ experience in Public Health and e-Health.


Dr. C. Robles

Dr. Robles is a postdoc at UNIC-I&I with 10 years’ experience in epidemiology and prevention of infectious-related cancers, mainly focused on cervical cancer over the last years. She was responsible for content adaptation and dissemination of results in the CoheaHr project.


Ms. M. Montserrat

Ms Montserrat is an E-learning officer / Project Manager in e-oncología. She has over eight years of experience in online training, mainly in international courses, in which she adapts the content for virtualization, sets-up the virtual classroom and conducts follow-up of ongoing courses.


Dr. S. de Sanjosé

Dr. Silvia de Sanjosé is a senior Consultant at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), at the NGO PATH and at ICO, Board member and former President of the International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) and former CERP Director (Cancer Epidemiology Research Program at ICO). She has nearly 30 years of expertise in epidemiological studies including large international projects involving HPV genotyping, introduction of HPV based screening in HIC and LMIC, assessing the impact and efficacy of HPV vaccines and generating related educational e-learning courses. She focusses her research now on the improvement cervical cancer prevention in LMIC through the use of HPV detection, cervical imaging and AI approaches.


Dr. J. Ruiz

Dr. Javier Ruiz has a PhD in Fine Arts and is a graphic designer with a strong focus on animation. Among his main tasks are the design and development of online courses for oncologists and other clinicians at e-oncología, as well as participate in communication and dissemination campaigns on public health.

Ms C. Castello

Ms Clara Castello is a project manager at CERP (Cancer Epidemiology Research Program at ICO). She has experience on grant proposals writing and on institutional audits supervision. She has been responsible for running several strategic projects and funding strategies, such as the RRI strategy coordination and she has coordinated the local organization of the International Papillomavirus Conference 2020.