Web-based education (WP7)

For adoption of risk-based screening in European countries, a thoughtful dissemination of the relation between risk factors and screening recommendations is essential. Accordingly, the following tools have initially been planned:

- Web-based free education for healthcare providers and policy makers will be developed and available at an e-learning platform, with special attention for creating awareness of cervical cancer related risk in different populations and to facilitate implementation

- Risk data will be made available in an online portal that provides free access to up-to-date relevant HPV-related information aiming to facilitate global, regional and country-specific decisions on current and novel options to be implemented for the prevention of cervical cancer.

- To enhance the project visibility we will post data on the project in a biweekly newsletter with HPV-related content, with over 25,000 readers and 120 contributions, targeting the medical and research community involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of HPV-related diseases as well as in “Mejor sin cancer”, an outreach project on cancer prevention written in plain language by researchers on different fields of oncology to disseminate research and correct misinformation targeting Spanish-speaking general population.

Furthermore, the involvement of ESGO-ENGAGe will contribute to dissemination of the concept of risk-based screening among health professionals and the general population in Europe by training project ambassadors and developing lay-language materials.