RISCC is a European consortium that consists of 11 partners. In sum, we aim to facilitate efficient and effective screening in Europe and to improve attendance to screening by developing an evidence based and validated risk-based cervical screening program with mobile and digital applications. Our six objectives together ensure that risk-based solutions will be available at the end of the project and our demonstration study in Sweden provides evidence on the impact of risk-based screening in a real-life setting. Our dissemination activities are expected to further contribute to the adoption of risk-based screening in Europe.

In our previous PREHDICT and CoheaHr projects, we built a large resource of ongoing and completed screening trials, conducted epidemiological analyses and constructed models for evaluating vaccination and screening strategies. The CoheaHr project was highly influential in the field of cervical cancer screening: the project publications (Ref) strongly contributed to the implementation of primary HPV screening in European countries and the endorsement of HPV self-sampling for underscreened women. Based on CoheaHr and our strong network within Europe, we believe that we have the expertise and resources to take a major next step, that is, the development and implementation of risk-based screening through e-health/m-health platforms.

Download here a leaflet about the RISCC consortium.

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