RISCC featured in HPV world

The RISCC consortium is being featured in HPV world. Three RISCC members are giving an overview of "Risk based screening for cervical cancer in Europe" and the objectives of the consortium in the latest version of the HPV World newsletter. HPV World is the global newsletter on HPV related topics and has allmost 80,000 subscribers.


From May 30th till June 1st the International Multidisciplinary HPV conference EUROGIN was held. Due to continuing restrictions, this conference was held completely virtual. Many members of the RISCC consortium were present during the conference. There was a dedicated session about Risk-based cervical cancer screening and in addition the project coordinator Prof. Dr. Johannes Berkhof gave a plenary presentation about RISCC.


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3rd Consortium meeting

On Wednesday May 19th the RISCC consortium met for their third meeting. It was a short update meeting, which was held completely online. It was a great opportunity for all partners to be informed on the progress of the different projects. Although some work has been delayed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this also provides great opportunities to rethink cervical cancer screening in Europe.



Risk of CIN 3+ in HPV+ Women with Normal Cytology and 5 year Type Concordance (Publication)

A new publication of the RISCC consortium is published online ahead of print in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. The study aims to demonstrate the potential of 5-year HPV type concordance as a disease marker for HPV-positive and cytology-negative women. First author is Federica Inturrisi. The full manuscript can be found here. A visual summary of the study can be found below.


Consortium meeting (December 9th)

On Wednesday December 9th 2020, the RISCC Consortium had their second biannual meeting. Due to current restrictions in many European countries the meeting was held completely online. During a very productive and inspiring meeting the members of the Consortium received an update on the current progress.

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Interview Prof. Berkhof

The RISCC project coordinator Prof. Berkhof was interviewed by ZonMW. The article is in Dutch and can be found here: "It can be cheaper and more effective"

Direct effect of HPV vaccination on lifetime risk of precancer (Publication)

A new publication of the RISCC consortium was published this summer in the International Journal of Cancer. This research study conducted by Federica Inturrisi and colleagues aims to estimate the lifetime risk of (screen-detected) CIN2+ and CIN3+, using the using the Populationā€based Screening Study Amsterdam (POBASCAM). The full manuscript can be found here. A visual summary of the study can be found below.