ENGAGe ambassadors on the need for risk based approach

ESGO/ENGAGe is a proud partner of the RISCC project. The strength of ENGAGe pays in its partnership with 70+ countries Europe Wide which enables ENGAGe to reach almost all European women. For the RISCC project certain countries have been determined to communicate on the importance of risk-based screening and the benefits it can bring to the women, the clinicians and financial budgets on national health systems. We decided to call these ENGAGE representatives RISCC ambassadors. Together with constant effort in communication on HPV vaccination, HPV DNA screening and potential of self-sampling the ENGAGe ambassadors now communicate on the need for risk based approach.

The presentations can be seen below:

Icó Tóth

Veronika Cibulova

Leonidas Galeridis

Kim Hulscher