Risk profiles for screen-eligible unvaccinated women (WP2)

We will develop cervical cancer and precancer risk profiles based on results from multiple consecutive screening rounds. To realize this, we will perform statistical analyses on the largest data resource of HPV screening trials currently available in Europe (built in the previous project: CoheaHr, >150,000 women included). The current database will include new follow-up up to 20 years after enrolment (Ref 1, 2, 3). Also, we will collect follow-up to 10 years after enrolment of three HPV screening trials in which women were offered HPV testing on self-collected samples (Ref 1, 2, 3, 4). Furthermore, data of screening registries of both cytology-based and HPV-based screening programs will be used. Finally, we will collect and analyze molecular information, in particular DNA methylation, in HPV-positive women from the Netherlands. The use of molecular markers to stratify HPV positive women is particularly attractive as molecular testing, in contrast to cytology, can be directly performed on the self-collected specimen.